Sliding Rock Contemporary Ceramics, An Ceardlann, Craft Centre, Spiddal, Co. Galway, Ireland. Ceramics Ireland, Irish Ceramics

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Katherine West is an artist who works primarily in clay. Central to her work are phenomena associated with nature: landscape, seascape and the human body. Archetypal form as it relates to our collective past and memory is often exploited through connections such as artefact, object, process, function, form and clay.

Her most recent body of work is called ‘Playthings’. ‘Playthings’ combines established concerns in the work such as fluidity, interior/exterior relationships and surface tension with the resonance of objects associated with the process of play and the inherent malleability of the material itself which is clay. These objects play with space, light, form and illusion. They contain air and question the solidity of the object itself.

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